Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living In Interesting Times

It may be that in the future i will look back on this year with some mixture of nostalgia and bemusement; as something that was not much fun but a source of interesting stories to tell. Or, possibly, it will suck just as much in hindsight.

I can't complain too bitterly. Although the economy has been tough on our family, we have survived better than many. As the holiday season approaches, I dread two solid months of socially enforced cheerfulness, but on the plus side i find myself employed at a new start-up about which i am sincerely enthusiastic.

My mood would probably improve considerably if i could run, but since the end of April i have not run regularly. My hip, which was a painful irritation in the spring, is now nearly a disability. There are many days on which i can't even walk without pain. Running was so important to my mental well-being; it not only helped me stay in shape and sleep well, but it was really the only time i had completely to myself. To many people this would probably not matter, but for a deep introvert such as myself solitude is like air to breath.

Under different circumstances, i think it would be fairly easy to feel sorry for myself; and there are some days when it feels like i've accomplished nothing that i set out to when i was young. But the last couple of years have helped me realize that i am more of an optimist than i seem to be. I managed to stay confident after my first-ever layoff. I participated in dismantling a dead company and found some worthwhile experiences and interesting people along the way. I guess i discovered that i am more resilient than i expected, and i actually can deal with change and stress. But, seriously, i have no desire to further test that capacity.

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J said...

Hey Mike,

Forget running...come join LA Fitness with could be my workout partner at the SM location.

It is practically an addiction with us now, we go there after work practically every night.

You're right, a workout does make one sleep much better. The gym won't satisfy your need for solitude, but there is enough eye candy walking by to make up for it. :-)

Seriously, give it some thought. Would love to have you join me. Don't let a bum hip keep you down.