Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spiders Are Such Assholes

Yeah, spiders look cool and they're useful and all, but they're real assholes too. If you don't find yourself outside early in the morning you might not know this, but they leave their webs strung around all over the place and there's nothing more irritating than having to get a spider web off of your face.

Actually, i really dig spiders. This is a Black Widow that i photographed behind my house last week. What an amazing creature.

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J said...

In our old neighborhood, the spiders would begin making their webs just after dark.

How do I know this? The sidewalks were lined with California Pepper Trees, and the spiders would string their webs from one tree to another, right across the sidewalk at about face level.

If we walked the dog after dark, as we would pass each tree, we would get a face full of web.

That pretty much ended nightwalks for poochie.