Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Priceline Guy

My younger son and i were watching some stupid movie on TV and William Shatner shows up in a minor character role. My son says "Hey! It's the Priceline guy". Forgetting for a moment that he's 11 and doesn't get to watch that much television, i said "The Priceline guy! That's James Tiberius Kirk!".

Needless to say i felt ashamed by this major gap i had allowed in his pop culture education, so over the weekend we watched a couple episodes of the original Star Trek so i could acquaint him with the characters. To be fair, Shatner now looks so little like Shatner then that even if he'd seen the show i'm not sure my son would have recognized him. Also, the original Star Trek was incredibly cheesy, but i still find the stories absorbing. Just goes to show that production values aren't everything.

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