Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Latest on the Fires

We returned to our house today, although our neighborhood is still technically among the evacuated areas of our community. Quite a few houses in our town (Poway, CA) were destroyed. The closest are about a mile northeast of our house, but the fires directly to the east made me more nervous. As of Monday morning, i was reasonably certain that the fires would spread to our neighborhood, but amazingly they did not cross the major street that borders our neighborhood on both the north and east after a southward turn.

The air is still filled with smoke, but the winds have diminished and the skies are partially clear now. Schools are closed for the whole week, and both my office and Emily's are officially closed (my office borders one of the worst-hit areas of fire damage). Fortunately, our electrical power has been restored, so we're able to live more or less normally except that we can't really spend much time outside. It sounds as if the weather will be more conducive to fighting the fires tomorrow, but it's likely that there will be areas burning and people evacuated into the weekend.

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