Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I finally gave up on my career as a minion of an Internet behemoth. To be fair, Yahoo! was in general a pretty classy organization, and they treated me very well. This was a rare instance where a single individual made the workplace so unpleasant that it was difficult to find any aspect of the job that compensated for it. I had many great coworkers, and the location was perfect, but there are only so many days of homicidal rage that you can endure before it starts to wear on you.

Corporate culture is strange in that it's very difficult to fight against a bad boss. I've never been shy about saying "No, i think that's the wrong way to do that". A good boss will probably forgive you for that, and will often agree with you. A bad boss will ignore you, and probably marginalize you since even if your idea is clearly better, it's not part of his or her agenda. Bad bosses need a system where they can take credit for things that go right, and assign blame for things that go wrong; which is antithetical to the environment that breeds innovation and teamwork.

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