Monday, April 02, 2007


In a couple of weeks my older son turns 13, a significant age both socially and numerically. A month after that my younger son turns 10, and the following month is my 20th wedding anniversary. In September my father turns 70 (and my sister 45). This is also the year of my 25th high-school reunion, and 20 years since college graduation. Alas, my own birthday this year will be 44, which i suppose has a pleasing symmetry but not much other interest as a number (though 44 is also the number of derangements of 5 items).

I suspect this type of coincidence isn't that rare, although i haven't analyzed it much. For example, it'll happen to me again in 5 years when my sons are 18 and 15, it'll be my 25th anniversary (assuming...), my dad will be 75, etc. It's also true that i have ascribed significance to these values more than others. Other than age 13, which corresponds roughly to major physical and psychological changes, there's not any real reason why these numbers should have greater meaning than the number before or after. But still, it's strange isn't it?

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