Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogs I Still Read

I'm not sure if blogging has become so mainstream that nobody talks about it anymore, or if it's a fad that has passed its peak. Personally, i read very few blogs regularly now, and a good percentage of those are work-related. Among the hand-full that i still visit almost daily are:
  • - Warren is (unbeknownst to him) sort of my Beatrice, in the sense that he is my guide to a kind of underworld. Plus, there are often pictures of persons unclothed.
  • Postmodern Sass - Still fun to read, still sui generis, not still in Canada.
  • Global Guerrillas - Because it scares me.
  • BoingBoing - More of a metablog, but in a good way. Basically the Slashdot of oddness.
I think there are two main reasons why my blog enthusiasm has waned. The first is that i just can't stomach reading political opinion anymore, even if (maybe especially if) i agree with it. The other is that anything that's interesting on the web will be forwarded to me within 15 minutes by my virtual network of acquaintances. For example, the Peanut Butter Manifesto, about the problems of my beloved employer, was IM'd to me by three people.

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Postmodern Sass said...

Wow. Thank you for the lovely comment. I'm rather embarassed to admit I had to look up the phrase sui generis. But now that I know what it means, I will milk it for all it's worth!

I blush.

You're swell.