Thursday, September 07, 2006

Summery Summary

The problem with blogging is that when there's actually stuff happening in my life, i don't have any time to blog about it. Summer's about over, the kids are back in school, so i figured i'd write myself a brief synopsis of the last month.

Nathan is now in 7th(!) grade and Henry is in 4th. They're both playing soccer again this fall; they've been practicing for about a month, but games don't start until this Saturday (9/9).

My job has been kicking my butt. I finally managed to hire all of the people that i had reqs for, but we still have about 3x as much work as we have capacity for. We also have frequent changes in direction and priority; so much so that even agile methods can't handle the chaos.

Emily and i are going to Spain next week. I was invited to give a presentation at this event, so we decided to make a small vacation out of it. We'd have probably stayed longer, but my dad is coming out to watch the kids and we didn't want to have him away from home too long with my mom still recovering from heart surgery.

I ran the America's Finest City half marathon a couple of weekends ago. I ran my personal best (1:28.12) and my first half-marathon under 1:30. I need to shave off about 3 minutes by November when i plan to run the Silver Strand half.

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