Monday, May 01, 2006

Grandmaster Seminar

I learned two new forms this weekend, though the word "learn" must be qualified to mean that i am able to mimic in a very approximate way the movements of the form. Both are fairly hard and i doubt that i'll ever be able to master them. Both were taught by Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong. The first was a Ba Gua broadsword form, kind of cool because it has elements with both the right and left hand. Both of my boys took part in that seminar also. A very difficult and acrobatic set, including one part where you do a reverse double crescent kick, circle the sword around your shoulders and then strike (pek choi) all while remaining balanced on the landing foot.

The second form is the Small Buddha-Palm form, which was relatively straightforward except for the beginning,where you have to descend into a lotus position and then rise and twist straight into a reverse double-crescent kick. My knees are too old for that.

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