Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bachelor Dad

Emily is in Wales this week doing a QA audit at a drug manufacturing plant, so i get to be single parent for a week. Now that the boys are older it's not too hard and i think it's probably good for them to know that even though they outnumber me our household is still not going to become the island in Lord of the Flies. It's good for me too if for no other reason than i realize how much work it is to raise kids without the two-parent division of labor. I suppose many women would say they've been doing it that way since the beginning of time.

Haven't accomplished anything this week, but i've been listening to a lot of music. I spent part of a day listening to late 70s music and i've come to the conclusion that i owe my parents a big apology. I know that one's taste and judgement change with age, but is it possible that Foreigner, Styx, Journey, etc. were really this bad when i first heard them? I'd completely forgotten the totally annoying and superfluous synthesizer elements in this music. Shudder. About the only stuff i can still listen to from that time now is Cheap Trick and The Clash.

The new Kings of Leon record Aha Shake Heartbreak is listenable. Nothing as good as Molly's Chambers but i think that song was an aberration. I've listened to a bit of Graham Parsons and Widespread Panic, both of which i can take or leave; and i've been working my way through Steve Earle. I've also been working on a list of my favorite pop songs that i'll probably blog at some point.

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