Friday, February 25, 2005


As a friend of mine quipped, here is where Christian conservatives go to get their porn.

My two sons are aged 7 and 10. They are not allowed to watch television on school nights, and on the weekends when they can watch TV they prefer Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, on which the only indecent content is that flaming homo Sponge Bob and his "friends" in Bikini Bottom. The point being, if your children are too young to be watching this stuff, then they're too young to be beyond your ability to control their viewing habits. I'm not attempting to claim some sort of moral high ground here. This is what basic parenting involves, and if you're not up to it then don't have kids (please).

Honestly, i find some of these clips to be pretty nasty. The necrophilia bit on Medium and the infantilism stuff on CSI are pretty gross (i think The Surreal Life clip with the Brady Bunch guy is hilarious though). But anyone idiotic enough to watch Medium gets what they deserve, and if you can't anticipate that there will be gross stuff on CSI then you haven't been paying attention. These shows are for adults, the word "adult" implying that you are capable of deciding all by yourself what is appropriate, tasteless, stupid, indecent. And don't give me that "i can't monitor what my children watch 24 hrs a day" crap. If, by the time your children are old enough to be watching television unsupervised, you have not inculcated them with principles sufficient to survive these fairly tame (compared to reality) images, then you've screwed up.

There have been officious idiots attempting to dictate what other people watch, hear, and read for as long as i can remember. What's doubly irritating these days is that we've got conservative pundits railing against the interference of big government and using terms like "nanny state" to describe government regulation or excess political correctness. Please people. With everything that's going on in the world, this is the best thing you can find on which to focus your outrage?

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