Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I recently added a Blogroll to my blog template, courtesy of blogroll.com. I figured i'd describe the blogs i added and why i think you might be interested in them.

The Bleat: This is the blog of James Lileks, who's also responsible for some of the most diverting content on the web. See for example, the Gallery of Regrettable Food at the Institute for Official Cheer. His blog is journal-ish, although he manages to inject political and social commentary fairly deftly. His writing is much better than the average blog and often funny, which compensates for his unfortunate rightward leaning. Mr. Lileks is an example of a paradox: a thoughtful and reasonable Bush supporter.

Tracer Fire: The blog of James Wolcott, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. Often when i read Mr. Wolcott's blog i feel as if he has reached into my brain and pulled out my thoughts and then written them down in a much more eloquent way than i ever could.

In The Agora: A conservative group blog. I cycle through several conservative blogs but i tire quickly of the barking moonbat variety. In The Agora is generally well written and well reasoned, with a focus on economics-based arguments. This is a level of discourse that could actually persuade people.

The Rude Pundit: If James Wolcott is transcribing my ego into more elegant prose, then the Rude Pundit is rewriting my id into funnier rants. Sometimes you need to read somebody who's willing to call a moron a moron, and the Rude Pundit will call them a fucking moron.

Postmodernes Sprachspielen: OK, i admit i'm not entirely sure what the title means or how to pronounce it. This blog is like nothing else i read. The posts are not quite like journal entries or punditry; but more like carefully crafted short stories. They are first person and seem very personal and intimate. Autobiographical one assumes, but not in the style of a typical biography that would emphasize major events and linear chronology. The author, who identifies herself as Postmodern Sass, is probably the sexiest woman i know of that i've never actually seen. My mental image of her is something like Claudette Colbert circa Midnight, though i'm not sure she would appreciate the comparison.

Life Among the Mammals: Posts on technology, politics, life in general. Very insightful, essay-like posts. Stuff that makes you think.

Ongoing: Tim Bray's blog. Bray is one of the originators of XML, but his blog is not all technology. To be sure, he does produce an amazing number of insightful technology posts and he must be among the most linked of technology commentators. However, his blog also covers everything from politics to music to pictures of his garden. In my opinion, the best blog in the current blogosphere.

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