Monday, November 15, 2004

Long Weekend Too Short

Sometimes life is just good. A catalogue of not-at-all-bad-things from over the weekend:
  • The boys had Friday off, so i played hooky and we hung out. Got up late, watched some cartoons, went wall-climbing at Solid Rock, went to the book store.
  • Tried a new dish from Spices Thai cafe along with a decent Merlot (Mondavi, i think)
  • Did a short trail run on Saturday, and a longer trail run on Sunday. Only about 8 miles, but through some nice terrain in Blue Sky Ranch.
  • Managed to get the boys to bed by 9pm on Saturday, so i poured myself a cognac and watched The Third Man.
  • Read several chapters of Alan Furst's novel Dark Star.
  • Abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous weather on Sunday, even for San Diego. Happy-to-be-alive weather.
  • Got a message from my friend Krishna telling me that he and his wife had their first child, a son named Siddharth.
Now that's recreation. Sweet.

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