Thursday, October 21, 2004

In Other News, Hell Freezes Over

Boston wins game 7 by a score of 10-3 to complete possibly the greatest comeback in the history of sports. OK, so i live nowhere near Boston, nor have i ever. I have no legitimate reason to cheer for the Red Sox except that i hate the Yankees. And my wife was born in Boston, so i have some sincere affection for the city. But honestly, even if you accept the rule that everybody gets a "backup" team to root for, mine would be the Cubs.

But for some reason, the BoSox have been my favorite AL team for as long as i can remember. I think i can trace this back to when i was nine years old. I had broken my arm in an ATV accident at the family farm and i had a cast on my left arm for 3 months. Around that same time Carlton Fisk also had a cast for some injury. Not long before i was supposed to get my cast off, there was a story in the newspaper about how Fisk had gone in to get his cast removed and the doctor accidentally cut through the cast and into Fisk's arm. Fisk was fine; i on the other hand was traumatized. My own cast removal went fine, but i was terrified for the whole procedure.

A couple of years later i was a rabid fan of the Big Red Machine (Cincinatti was the surrogate team for most Hoosiers back then). But i was also a Carlton Fisk fan so the 1975 World Series presented a bit of a dilemma. I remember leaning to the right so as to contribute my own body english to Fisk's arm waving when he hit his famous home run in game 6. I felt a bit guilty that Boston had won the game and i felt relieved when the Reds won game 7.

Anyway, i hope this is Boston's year. I think their comeback signals the official end of the curse (maybe sending Nomar to the Cubs had some sort of reversal effect on the Bambino curse). Good luck Sox.

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